• New Hampshire ban on 'ballot selfies' challenged by lawsuit

    Voters cast ballots in New Hampshire presidential primary election in NashuaBy Ted Siefer MANCHESTER N.H. (Reuters) - A New Hampshire law that bans the sharing of images of marked election ballots over social media compromises the right of free political speech in the state, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday challenging the prohibition on "ballot selfies." The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union is seeking to block the law, which took effect on Sept. 1, prohibiting sharing such images over Twitter, Facebook or any other online or conventional means. ...

  • U.S. FCC chief may propose 'hybrid' net neutrality plan: WSJ
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission chief is close to settling on a hybrid legal strategy for new Internet traffic rules that would treat part of the web network as a public utility, the Wall Street Journal reported in Friday's newspaper. FCC officials earlier this month listed a hybrid approach as one of various options they were considering for new "net neutrality" rules. It would split broadband into a retail service, connecting Internet service providers with consumers, and a back-end one, linking content companies' servers with ISPs' facilities. ...

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